How do I read data about a vendor on the ClickBank Marketplace page?

Let's see some example:

A Vendor's Results

1. On the left, you can see the small screenshot of the vendor's website for quick visual recognition.
There is a unique ClickBank ID of the vendor under this screenshot.

2. In the middle, there is a brief statistics. Please, read the answer about the ClickBank Marketplace stats to understand what each stat means. If you move your mouse over the stats region, a little box 'desc>>' appears at the top rigth corner of it. By clicking on this box, you can open this vendor's description.

3. On the right, there is a 90-day gravity graph. You can significantly save your time by ignoring vendors with poor gravity graphs. It is recommended for you to read the detailed article about ClickBank gravity.

4. At the bottom, there is a block of links, such as:

  • Reports: to visit the vendor's page with detailed reports (You can also click on the screenshot or on the title to access this page)
  • Spotlight: to visit the vendor's spotlight (a spotlight is a page where some vendors publish their detailed information and news)
  • Pitch Page: to visit the vendor's website
  • Promote: to create a hopink to promote this vendor's products