How do I use interactive graphs?

Some reports provide interactive graphs for PRO members.

An interactive chart

Such graphs consist of 3 parts:

1. The control panel (on the right). Here you can set which stats are displayed on the main graph (up to 2).

2. The main chart (on the left).

  • When you move your mouse over it, you see the actual values of the set stats.
  • You can drag this chart horizontally to slide it.
  • If the 'Zoom with Scroll Wheel' mode is enabled, you can use the Scroll Wheel to zoom in/out.

3. The overview chart (on the right) that shows you which region is currently displayed on the main chart.

  • You can draw a rectangle on this chart to navigate to that area.
  • The overview chart is bound to the first set statistic.

As well, there are some useful buttons below the overview chart. They help you:

  • to navigate to the last 7, 30, 90, 365 days;
  • to display the complete time period;
  • to reset the height of the charts to cover all data of the first statistic.