What are predefined searches? Can you show me some useful examples?

Predefined searches are available on the 'ClickBank Marketplace' page. Click on the 'Searches' button to expand them.

ClickBank predefined searches

A predefined search is a combination of states of the 'Order By', 'Filters' and 'Folders' controls. There are some basic searches:

  • 'ClickBank Marketplace' sets all 3 controls to their default states
  • 'Movers & Shakers' sets the order by 'Movers & Shakers' -> 'Gravity Delta (3 days)'
  • 'New Vendors' sets the 'Activated date' filter to 'Last update'
  • 'Recurring Billing' sets the 'Billing Type' to 'Recurring'

As a PRO member you can create and use your own searches. In this way you can avoid doing the same adjustments of each control over and over again.

Here are some examples of useful searches:

  • Vendors with gravity from 20 to 100 and Avg $/Sale >= 17
  • Left Vendors from All Folders (to stop promoting left vendors)
  • Some Folder + Gravity > 20 (if you are waiting for some vendor from 'Some Folder' to overcome a gravity level of 20)

You can design lots of other helpful and more complicated settings which you use frequently.