How do I use the 'Folders' control?

As a PRO member you can create folders to store your favourite vendors.

1. To open any of your folders, you need to activate the 'Folders' control. This control is located below the 'Order By' control. To activate it, click on the 'Inside/Outside' swith. The 'Inside' label will become highlighted and all your folders will appear.

Activated folders

2. There is an entry 'All folders' above your folders. It contains all vendors from your folders.

3. Next to the name of each folder, there is a number of vendors that are stored in it.

4. Currently opened folder is highlighted. To enter another folder, click on its title.

5. To exit from all folders and get to the complete ClickBank Marketplace results, deactivate the 'Folders' control by clicking on the 'Inside/Outside' switch. The 'Outside' label will become highlighted.

Deactivated folders