What are Growing ClickBank Vendors? How do I find them?

To find Growing ClickBank Vendors, cbgraph uses all intermediate values of gravity during the N recent days (14, 30, 60, 90, 180 or 365 days). It is much more efficient than finding ClickBank movers by only 2 values of gravity (today's and N days ago).

For each vendor, cbgraph computes the growing factor. After that, all vendors are ordered by their growing factors.

ClickBank Growing Vendors

As a result, you get the list of vendors whose products are easy to sell. More and more affiliates begin to successfully promote them. It is important to start promoting them before their market is saturated.

Quite often it is even possible to find the birth of whole new niches among the currently growing vendors.

Important: At the top of the 'Growing Vendors' results (with N = 30, 60 or 90 days), there are many vendors whose gravity fluctuates at the same level, you should try to promote them as well, because such vendors have strong growing factors. To get the list of actual Growing Vendors, you need to use additional filters (see below).

Some hints:

  1. Add the filters: Gravity >= 20 (to ensure the products are selling well) and Gravity <= 100 (to eliminate products with already established competition).
  2. If you add the filter: Gravity Delta (30-90 days) >= 10 (or more), you will get explicit Growing Vendors.
  3. Also try to limit the 'Activated Date' to find relatively new vendors.