Which item is being sold on a vendor's website?

Usually, when a customer clicks on your hoplink and visits a vendor's website:

  • He/She can buy only one specific item of this vendor
  • Or, there may be several options to choose one item out of many (like a standard package / a more expensive pro package)

That is, even if the vendor has a lot of items in the 'Items + Refunds' report, only few of them are being sold now.

To find out which item(s) is being sold on the vendor's website:

1. Go to the vendor's website.

2. Click on the 'Order now' link.

3. After the 2nd step, the ClickBank order page will be openned. In the address bar of your browser look for the parameter '&item=N'. This will be the item's number.

ClickBank item

If necessary, repeat the steps 2-3 for the various options.

4. When you know which item is being sold on the vendor's website, you can estimate your affiliate commission inside the 'Items + Refunds' report (the 'Real. $/sale' column). If the vendor sells several items at the same time, compare his/her 'Initial $/sale' stat with the 'Real. $/sale' values of those items and you will guess which item customers purchase more often.