How do I use the 'Categories' report?

The 'Categories' report shows you seasonal trends inside of the vendor's categories. Usually each vendor is bound to 2 categories: C1 and C2 (C2 is a subcategory of C1). If C2 has only few vendors, it is better to analyze only C1.

For each category, you can explore 3 statistics:

  1. Sum(gravity) is the sum of gravity values of all vendors from this category
  2. Avg(gravity) is the average gravity value among all vendors from the category
  3. Num. Vendors is the number of vendors inside the category

If during the current month a year ago the category had an upward trend (for Sum or Avg), then products from this category will likely be selling well and nowadays. On the other hand, if there was a downward trend during the same period of time last year, then it is better to promote products from other more seasonable categories.

There are can be obvious and hidden reasons for seasonal trends. Here are some examples:

  1. The 'Diets & Weight Loss' category: Products are selling much better during the spring and summer than during the fall and winter. In the summer people want to look slim.
  2. The 'Games' category: The best time to sell products from this category is during the summer when kids are out of school.
  3. The 'E-business' category: In this category, the major trend begins in August and takes place during the fall.

Of course, you should not completely rely on trends inside categories. If you are convinced that some product is not a subject to seasonal influences and it will be selling well nowadays, just promote it.