The Easiest ClickBank Products to Promote

There are thousands of ClickBank products to promote in the ClickBank Marketplace. Which product should you choose? Which will convert well? In this article, we will give you some advice on how to select a product or a whole niche of products. Use this information to increase your chance of success.

1. Find a product that treats an urgent problem or solves a problem which is painful for customers. For example, a treatment for some painful illness, an effective solution for some uncomfortable condition (like a fat body, weak muscles or even bad performance in some sport) or highly secretive information in some area of interest.

When a customer comes to a sales page for the first time, it's very desirable that he/she buys the product. Needless to say that if the person doesn't buy a product the first time he/she most likely will never buy.

Check the sales page for the product you want to promote. Does it solve a painful problem and is the solution is urgent?

2. The solution you are promoting has to have enough search volume. Make a keyword search before you decide to promote a product. Do terms related to the product have enough search volume? You can use Google AdWords Keyword tool to do your research. Type in some keywords you associate with the product and this tool will give you information about search volumes and will provide you with many other related keywords you can use. There should be enough searches, look for keywords with at least 1000 monthly searches.

If the product doesn't have enough audience interest, it will be very hard to promote.

This also reflects to a niche selection; focus only on the niches that have traffic.

3. The keywords you choose should not have too many Google results. Try to find keywords with a huge search volume but with a low amount of Google results. For example, keyword "tinnitus treatment" has about 1,530,000 results:

Google results

Look for keywords with at least 1,000 monthly searches and less than 500,000 Google results. This will increase chances that your content (landing pages, reviews, etc.) will be visible in search engines.

4. If a product solves one-time urgent problem: try to find similar products. If there are lots of other options, neglect the product (you should rather concentrate your time on promoting another product in another niche). If chosen product doesn't have many analogues, and it beats them with ease by its efficiency or "beautiful wrapping", it will be a good one to promote.

5. Promoting a niche. If you want to promote a niche, you should look for a niche with many products. Firstly find lots of options that you can offer to your customers. Secondly create an email subscription list on your niche's topic. Give valuable content to your subscribers (explanations, tips, videos, etc.). Then indirectly make recommendations of chosen products.

We hope you find these tips useful!