How to Use ClickBank Tracking IDs

You should always track your promotions! Where are your visitors coming from? Do your landing pages convert your visitors into buyers? Have you improved the conversion rate of some landing page by changing its title? A proper usage of ClickBank TIDs (ClickBank Tracking IDs) is vital to your success!

The ClickBank TID is a part of the HopLink. It has the next format:


The tracking code value (abcde) can contain up to 24 alphanumeric characters. In the transaction report, lower case characters will be converted to all uppercase.

1. Use ClickBank TIDs to monitor the sources of your sales

You may place your hoplinks on landing pages, mention them in some articles, write them on your videos, etc.

But different sources of traffic provide different conversion rates. And you should pay more attention to those sources that show you the highest conversion rates.

You should also know *not only* the type of the source (articles, landing pages, videos, etc.) with the highest conversion rate, but also which articles or landing pages convert readers into buyers.

So, you should use different Tracking IDs wherever it is possible.

2. If you want to become successful with affiliate marketing, you should constantly improve your content

For example, you have created a landing page. Try to improve its title, text and even such elements as the background color and the "Order" button. Have these changes increased the conversion rate of the page? To realize that, use different ClickBank Tracking IDs:


But never do more than one change at once! Because you won't be able to understand what exactly has led to better results.

So, you should track every source of your traffic and always make improvements to your content. It is crucial!