How to Send Your Visitors Directly to the ClickBank Order Page?

As an affiliate you can send your visitors directly to the ClickBank order page instead of sending them to a vendor's sales page. For example, you don't like the vendor's sales page and you want to write your own sales pitch. But before you do this, you should ask the vendor's permission!

So, how to send your visitors directly to the ClickBank order page? Instead of using hoplinks, you need to use the next link:
ITEM is a number 1..500 or an alphanumeric item ID
VENDOR is a vendor's ClickBank ID
AFFILIATE is your ClickBank ID

Here is an example of such link:

As you might know, any vendor may have up to 500 items (different products, discounts, etc.). You can find lists of vendors' items with our ClickBank analysis tool.

Items of a ClickBank vendor

But! Don't use this link in such way (without an iframe/image, see below)!

If your visitor has already opened the vendor's website through a hoplink of another affiliate, you won't receive any commission.

To avoid this, you have to place an invisible "iframe" somewhere in the beginning of your own sales page on your website. Here is an HTML for it:

<iframe width="1" height="1"

Or you can use a tiny image *instead of* the iframe (beware the implementation based on images will not work in some browsers like Opera):

<img src="" width="1" height="1" />

However, some visitors disable images in their browser. So, you'd better use the iframe.

Only then you can place the payment link:

<a href="">Click Here To Order Now</a>

If you want to recommend a product to your subscribers via email, create a simple landing page with the above iframe/image and your payment link. You shouldn't place a direct payment link into the email message.

So, if you want to send your visitors directly to the ClickBank order page, you should:

  • Ask the vendor's permission
  • Use tips from this article