ClickBank 'Referred' stat

Of course ClickBank Gravity is the most important stat you should consider when you are choosing vendors to promote. But comprehension of other ClickBank stats gives you some additional insight.

Another notable stat is ClickBank Referred (%/refd). %Referred is a fraction of a vendor's total sales that are referred by affiliates. Combining it with gravity, you can understand the behavior of affiliates:

  • Rising ClickBank Referred means that more and more affiliates start to promote the vendor.

    Rising ClickBank Referred

  • Decreasing ClickBank Referred means that affiliates stop promoting it. Check whether the vendor sells quality products.

    Decreasing ClickBank Referred

You should know:

  • If a vendors's Referred is more than 80%, there is a huge competition among affiliates who promote his/her products.
  • Low Referred (< 25%) means the vendor's product:
    • is difficult to promote (or)
    • is new and there is still a lack of competition (or)
    • has low quality
  • If some vendor has Gravity more than 30 and Referred less than 50%, it means this vendor generates a lot of sales without affiliates.