ClickBank is for Generous Vendors

It is interesting to discover why some ClickBank vendors become successful while others fail. One reason lies in a person's greediness. It is a huge mistake when a new vendor doesn't consider affiliates to be a powerful source of wealth. And such ClickBank vendor sets a small 'Commission' value.

Let's look on the distribution of the 'Commission' stat among top 100 ClickBank vendors:

Top 100 commissions

There is only ONE vendor with 'Commission' less than 50%!!! The average value of this stat among top 100 ClickBank vendors is 65.07%. The most popular values of the 'Commission' stat are:

  • 75% (47 times)
  • 60% (16 times)
  • 50% (24 times)
  • 70% (7 times)

It is much easier to promote products with a big 'Commission', especially if an affiliate uses paid sources of traffic.

That's why, if you are a vendor, you should set a high 'Commission' value.